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One of the absolute BEST Holistic Practices that I've ever been to!! Betsy is AMAZING and James totally exemplifies SERVICE EXCELLENCE. Betsy helped me with my Hypothyroidism, Chronic and Adrenal Fatigue and some Digestive Issues and within one week I was feeling a million times better! Her supplements are simply the THE BEST!!  Believe me, going to see CIRCLE CENTRE FOR HEALTH will be the best gift that you give to yourself!! Thank you so much Betsy and James!!

Literally this place gave me a new lease on life in terms of my Health and Fresh Hope that my longstanding Hypothyroidism, Chronic and Adrenal Fatigue and Digestive problems could be healed. God Bless You Betsy and James!!

  Carol Roberts


My name is Diana Yampolsky and I have been a client of Circle Center for Health for 30 years.

I highly recommend their services, especially the Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and overall body work.

I have greatly benefited from the above-mentioned services and so have my clients that I’ve referred to Betsy.

I would recommend the exceptional Body Work treatments to anybody who is concerned about their health and well-being.  Sincerely,

 Diana Yampolsky


Thank you Betsy. God used you to give me peace.

I had severe itching in my private area, I could not sleep. I went to my doctor and he gave me antibiotics but no change at all. Doctor put me on stronger antibiotics, I was sent to specialist, put on antidepressants, was told it was emotional. Still no change.

The severe itching non-stop scratching resulted in bleeding and infected it.

I was told about Betsy. Out of desperation I went to see her. She gave me Acidophilus and liquid silver to drink as well as silver gel to apply topically on my private parts. What a miracle I received within a few days!

 After only 2 weeks I was so free from my nightmare I was able to go for my vacation to Dominican Republic. Thank God for silver. Thank you Betsy for your caring and knowledge.




Dear Betsy,

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you.  I had suffered from asthma my entire life.  Within 2 weeks of taking the Nature’s Sunshine herbs you recommended my symptoms greatly diminished and today after 4/12 months I rarely experience any asthmatic symptoms. 

I also suffered from boils and acne all over my body.  After 3 months of taking your recommended customized plan the boils and acne have disappeared because the source of the internal toxins were and are continually releasing. 

You have also taught me a great deal through your Wisdom Development.  I have learned the blessings of what it means to live life in balance.  Through the process of learning simple universal truths, I now carry with me the tools to enable myself to always come back to balance no matter what challenges life has to offer me. 

Betsy you are truly gifted at cleaning the physical body from the inside out and cleansing the mind, letting go of old behaviours that no longer serve and replacing them with positive, loving and peaceful ways to be of better service to this world. 

Eternal peace and love,

 Ross McKenzie



Dear Betsy,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance.  I had been suffering from excruciating pain and burning for 10 years on my abdominal and female areas.  It was impossible to cope with.  I’d gone to every medical specialist still I did not find any relief. 

I had my initial Iridology examination with you and you put me on a Nature’s Sunshine herbal and nutritional program.  Within 2 months I felt wonderful.  It has now been 5 months and I still feel wonderful.  The pain and burning are gone.  I can hardly believe I am free from the suffering.  Thank you so much.  May God bless you to continue to bless others as you have blessed me.

 Rose Auciello


For years, I have suffered from depression, hair loss, arthritis, muscle aches and pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and hip pain; restricted range of movement in neck, shoulders and hips; chest pain, allergies, poor sleep, low energy, and low back pain, to name a few. I had sought help over the years from various practitioners and received help, but without maximal benefit.

Betsy Vourantoni was referred to me by a friend of a friend who was a "satisfied client" of Betsy. This "satisfied client" reported being "successfully treated with herbs by Betsy for hair loss among other ailments".

During my first visit with Betsy, using Iridology, she was able to pinpoint several areas of weaknesses in my body. She asked me to give her "two weeks to make a difference" in my well-being. I thought to myself "two weeks! You must be crazy! Over the years no one had been able to make any significant difference with the various modalities applied, how could she make a difference in just two weeks", I wondered.  However, I was desperate enough and there was a certainty about Betsy that I admired. She was confident in her knowledge and experience with herbs and their ability to heal. She and her children were living proof and she shared unselfishly of their experiences. 

Along with her knowledge and experience with herbs, this "healer" became known to me as a practitioner of Iridology and Reflexology, Nutritional Counseling, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, and Wisdom Development. Because of the shape I was in, I wanted to reap the benefits of all the modalities used by Betsy.  So, with my permission, she started working her magic on me. She recommended various herbs, deep tissue massage, nutritional counseling and cupping.

In one week, I started to notice a difference in my health and attitude! This was more than I anticipated!

Wisdom Development was introduced to me by Betsy and, after only one treatment, I am now of the opinion that this is an even more advanced tool in emotional healing, because it has provided healing on a deeper and higher level than I ever experienced before. It heals the soul. With Wisdom Development I have learned to stop judging and start loving, unconditionally. I am experiencing healing on a Spiritual Plane!!! One is able go from sorrow, blame, guilt, sadness, anger, fear, regret, self-pity, insecurity, over-confidence, and judging to Unconditional Love of self and others. I am becoming one with the Author and Finisher of my faith. Peace, joy, happiness, contentment and light have started to flow into every area of my life. My family and friends are now seen in a new light and all that has ever happened to me in life, whether good or bad, are now turning into showers of blessings. Forgiving even my enemies seems no longer necessary because with Wisdom Development I realize that 100% of everything that comes to me, whether good or bad, is only to bless me.  (You might think that I am crazy, that's okay, but I am on a natural high!

My family and friends see the difference in me because I have begun to speak with Certainty and Conviction. They see, feel and hear my Gratitude and Unconditional Love for them and they in turn are able to open up their hearts and love unconditionally and show gratitude. God’s purpose and plan for my life is much clearer to me. The community in which I live and the world at large is taking on greater significance.

I am happier and healthier than I have ever been in my entire life. My desire is for the entire world around me to heal and experience my joy, my peace, my happiness, my good health and immense gratitude.

I can now jump on my trampoline for half an hour nonstop, whereas before I could not walk for half an hour outside without feeling chest tightness and muscle pain.

Thank you Betsy!  Words are not enough to express my gratitude!  A million dollars would not be sufficient to give to you for what I have received! My family and friends have noticed and pointed out to me that I am a "different person".  They say I have "changed". My sons call me their "Newborn Mother."

My friend, Betsy, I live by your favorite words "Never Give Up, God Loves You".

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Clova Wolfe



In the summer of 1999 I was introduced to Betsy and her Iridology practice and discovered her knowledge, awesome Godliness and the light she bears. I also thought she was the best thing since sliced bread.

Years and years later she stayed ever present on my mind and recently I had the desire to visit her again. I rediscovered that she and her son, James are even more awesome.

During the 5 days I spent with Betsy, she performed Iridology analyses and put together a nutritional program.

I was able to bask in the bliss of being rolled like a rubber ball and kneaded like bread dough with her wonderful full body massage.

I also had the wonderful treatment of her "Wisdom Development" with its many blessings I graciously received. 

Thank you, Betsy and James. You are valued. 


San Diego, CA


I have been using Nature's Sunshine Products for 14 years, and it has helped me to keep in good health and high spirit.I was using NSP products first in my home country and was happy to get to know Betsy in Toronto, Canada. She is a very positive and inspiring personality, who really cares for every client and tries to find the best remedy for each individual case. More than giving a medicine, Betsy incorporates hope that we should never give up and belief that we are all loved by God and God has created a lot of natural remedies to maintain good health. People who lost hope and tried all doctors step into their cozy office and find comfort and hope and feel that they are really cared about. I even think sometimes, Betsy takes her client's concerns too close to her heart. I wish Betsy and her family good health and may God bless them richly with His grace and love for the wonderful work they are doing!

Olena F


WOW! What a very special time! It was so good to see you again Betsy and share so many wonderful moments blessed by Almighty God. You have not only blessed me, but my whole family over the years. God has surely given you a very unique ministry, not only in health matters, but also in personal communication, encouragement and such attention to detail. I feel like a new man already, like being to a health, well being and spiritual SPA or something! Thank you so much. God has trusted you with enough of His love to cover the whole world. BE BLESSED! Love you dearly,

Harry S


No More Headaches!

For 23 years I've suffered from severe migraine headaches. I've had to have morphine injections to alleviate the pain. In only 2 weeks of taking your herbs, Deep Tissue massage, Cupping and Reflexology, I'm free of headaches. Thank you Betsy for the freedom you gave me.

Eteri B


Continued Health

I first went to Betsy's office in 1992. Before our meeting I had a long history of fighting bi-weekly colds and receiving a load of antibiotic treatments that severely weakened my immune system, which in turn hindered my singing and musical career, not to mention the toll this on-going ailment and failed treatments had on my emotions and whole being. Within a month of my acceptance of Betsy's Iridology findings, nutritional and herbal remedies, topped with wisdom development sessions and body work, my health, emotions and whole being became in total balance and harmony. Till this day, I continue to enjoy the benefits of great health. I thank God for Betsy's Godliness, her selflessness and unstoppable efforts in helping people achieve a healthy and happy life.

Jimmi A Daoud 
Owner & CEO Rogers Music Centre





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